design or perish

friends don't let friends promote bad design. seriously. the day i walked across the stage to receive my BA, a cause was born: rid the world of bad design, one small project at a time. i live to design. it's all i do. live. breathe. sleep. design. i can't imagine doing anything else. i can find art in anything. the way fresh asphalt looks after a heavy rain. the way one fan blade always seems to stand still while all the others are a blur. the colors created by the mold on old food. it's all by design. it's all art. so. to say if i couldn't design i would perish is a true statement. i don't know what i would do. but. lucky for you. i DO design. it's my passion. which means anything i do for you is nothing less than my best. it's what you're looking for, isn't it? someone as passionate about your business as you are?

today, i work behind the scenes in the exciting world of corporate design. by day, i expound on the merits of white space. the difference between a tag line and a tag paragraph. by night, i create new identities for start-up companies. do pro-bono work for non-profit organizations. i like to think i help others see the light. set them free from the darkness of microsoft hell into the amazingly bright world of aesthetic awareness. my dream is to awake one day to a perfect world of balance, color and form.